enigma CREATIVE MEDIA is a boutique design agency. Inspired by the Enigma code machine which played a pivotal role during WWII, our origins were in 'deciphering the web' as enigma WEB DESIGN in the late 90's. The phonetic spelling of enigma graphically represents this creative agency and its unique approach to design.

 Despite the narrow-targeted origins of the agency, it now has a much broader design focus, from Internet-based solutions, through all manner of print design, branding and photography. We have experience in dealing with clients from small home-based businesses right up to larger NGOs. Our personalised approach to design and liaison allows you to deal directly with designers and to be confident of achieving a targeted and customised design solution.

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An article on photojournalists Jack Picone & Stephen Dupont and the documentary photography courses they run.
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Website showcasing the photography of Tim Anger.
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A selection of quality greeting cards adorned with images by photographer, Tim Anger.
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